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Information and collective action leading to entitlements

In Nawada district, just close to the Hisuwa market, there is a Rajvanshi colony where SC (Harijan) people live in majority. The people in the village are mainly engaged as daily wage labourers. The aged people work locally in the agriculture field, whereas the youth/ young population are migrating to cities and metros to work in brick kiln or other daily earning works.

The field workers of BJUP don’t hesitate to say that when we first came to this tola and started to organize women, the immediate reaction was “what will be the benefit of it?you are unnecessarily wasting our time”. However, the continuous effort under PEARL helped BJUP staff to organize and form 2 SHGs in the small tola. Initially women were not willing to be a part of it, but understanding the benefit of self help, more women are coming forward and asking for help to form a new group.

Ms Girija Devi, member of a SHG informed us that “initially our job cards had not been given to us by the Gram Sevak, but the awareness processes under PEARL has given us the power of joint effort”. Up to now, more than 10 members of SHG have taken back their Job Card from the Gram Sevak. The fight is still continuing and they are hoping that every woman / community member will take back their cards from the Gram Sevak. This effort has also helped them to receive full wage and facilities under NREGA which was previously (2/ 3 months earlier) less than Rs 80/- for a day.

Due to the awareness raising, combined efforts and access to information, some members of Girija devi group have been selected for tailoring training by a local bank, which is a good sign for them and fellow members of their community.