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Now we are getting our full wage

Manjhla village is about 10 kms from the Roh block and linked through a kutchcha road only. The condition of the more than 125 households of SC community (Dushad) is very bad. They work in agriculture fields as wage labourers for their livelihood. The daily wage in the local area is Rs 70/- to 80/- only and much lower for women workers.

These families/ people got work under the NREGA scheme for excavations of Ahar- Pyne, but were getting the local wage rate and not as per the NREGA provisions. The efforts under PEARL Program by the AGVS helped the families to understand about the wage and other provisions under NREGA. With this knowledge, the villagers organized a village meeting where they decided to launch protest against the wage irregularities.

The village committee and SHG women jointly launched a protest against the wage rate and decided to raise the issue to the District Magistrate. The united effort and strong confidence level has helped them to receive the wage rate as per the NREGA provisions. Now, the villagers/ wage labourers are getting Rs.104/-per day as wage rate.