Services and Specialities

Srijan Foundation works across multiple areas, primarily because our speciality is in helping communities to help themselves, rather than knowledge of particular advocacy areas. By applying these techniques of community empowerment to any situation or issue enables Srijan Foundation to make an impact in a whole range of scenarios:

Women's Empowerment

SF works primarily to inculcate a sense of self-worth amongst women, primarily through the formation of Self-Help Groups (SHGs). The Women's SHGs are continuously organized to help the women realize their rights, provide them with economic liberation and to give them a voice with which to promote solidarity, action and to initiate economic ventures. More than 200 SHGs, with more than 3000 members, have been set-up so far. For these SHGs, links with banks have been developed, trade-specific training has been carried out, exposure trips organised, issue-based training given on leadership skills and advice on Government programmes such as NREGA RTI etc.  have been organised. 


(Control and prevention of HIV/AIDS, Youth–Adolescent Reproductive health initiatives, Reproductive and Child Health Programmes). With the support of Transport Corporation of India Foundation (TCIF), SF has started an HIV / AIDS prevention programme for transport workers, truckers, helpers, general roadside community and the allied population. The interventions performed under this programme are social marketing of condoms; STI/STD treatment through Clinics, Health Camps and Satellite Camps; Community sensitization. Besides this, with the support of PHF UK, sessions on Reproductive & Child Health are carried out in villages to sensitize the rural community to the main issues, with a special focus on pregnant women, lactating mothers, adolescent groups and children below 5 years. Village/group specific meetings, training, liaison with the government, school based initiatives (essay competitions, quizes, debates, etc), video shows, organization of health camps, observing breast feeding week, participation in Pulse Polio Campaign have also been also organised.

Anti-Trafficking Programme (Women, Adolescents and Children)

SF is executing the Anti-trafficking Communication Campaign with the support of CWS, Secunderabad. SF has been recognised as the LEAD CSO of the Jharkhand Anti trafficking Network (JATN), which is a network of 9 NGOs operating in the Ranchi, Hazaribag, Sahebganj, Pakur, Bokaro, Chatra and Palamau districts. SF has also initiated a process to develop 180 vigilance committees that play the vital role of watchdog against trafficking.

Community Development Programme

Water and Sanitation awareness programmes are carried out to ensure adoption of safe health and hygiene practices in rural areas. This is performed through village level meetings, group meetings, focus group discussions and school-based approaches. Other issues affecting the community, such as Solid Waste Management, are also addressed via these methods.

Self-Help Promotion

To help reduce poverty, the Micro-Finance Program was initiated by Srijan Foundation with support from Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Nidhi (RGVN). Women's SHG members have been given support to start up and strengthen their small-scale businesses or agricultural initiatives. Promotion of alternative livelihoods has been
pursued through the LAC Development Program in Ormanjhi Block with the support of the Tribal Welfare Commission and technical support from Indian LAC Research Institute (ILRI). The main aim of the scheme is to provide additional income in lean months to poor tribal families and reduce forced seasonal migration. A total of 100 tribal families from 7 villages have been selected for the programme. Included in this scheme is beneficiary training, pruning of trees, distribution of kits consisting of secateurs, scrapping knife, spraying machine, net bags, insurance support, pesticides and fungicides.

Community-based Rehabilitation of the Disabled

Under the PACS Program, a detailed baseline survey was undertaken to assess the situation of the disabled population in Mandu block of Hazaribag district. Based on the findings, efforts have been made to provide the necessary certification, distribution of aids and appliances, medical checkups for those with disabilities and training in skills development, as well as family-based discussions and counseling.

Functional Vocational Training (Youths/Adolescents)

To strengthen the process of providing trade specific skills training to the rural unemployed youth, action-based initiatives are being promoted in various areas of Jharkhand. Some of these trainees have been successfully earning a good livelihood, thereby raising the motivation of others to start up their own enterprises.

Food Security

Since 2004, land and water management initiatives have been ongoing in Ormanjhi Block of the Ranchi district,  covering more than 25 villages. This initiative is financially and technically supported by IGSSS/GAA and KKS. This project aims primarily to support tribal groups and the underprivileged community (farmers, Women's SHGs, youths, adolescents, Gram Sabha members etc) to boost their food security. The key milestones achieved are seed support to farmers, upland farming, land leveling, pond renovation, vermi-compost promotion, lift installation, grain bank promotion, capacity building of farmers & WSHG, etc.